FAQ - Knee Heater!

Q: what is the voltage 110 v or 220 v?

Answer: Its a heating pad....110v.

Q. What is the power source? Is it battery operated?

Answer: It has a plug. It is not battery operated.

Q: Could this heating pad be used effectively on the upper arm?

Answer: Yes, there are 2 Velcro strip, and they are long and can wrap around the upper arm.

Q: How long are the straps, that wrap around? (Asking for a 6’3”, 240-lb. hunk)?

Answer: The top strap is 28.7 inches, and the bottom strap is 22.8 inches.

Q. The sleeve be used on the knee or the elbow only?

Answer: The inner sleeve can be used to keep the warming unit in place on any spot the sleeve fits over. I have used it on my ankle / my elbow and my knee.

Q. is it electrical or battery operated?

Answer: It is electrically operated. 

Q. What material is this wrap? 

Answer: A polyester blend.

Q. Does this light up right away when plugged in? My cord does not seem to go all be way in- not sure if it’s supposed to?

Answer: Yes, it does. However, after it is charged, you can use it w/o the charger.

Q: When battery is fully charged; does product work as strong as being plugged in electrically?

Answer: Yes, it lasts for four cycles.

Q: Does it stay in place, or does it slip down or roll?

Answer: Does it stay in place, or does it slip down or roll?

Answer: Stay in place!